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Audio Options

Wireless Audio
Handheld Tru-Diversity Wireless MicrophoneInstrument Body Pack Wireless Lavalier Wireless MicrophoneHeadset Wireless Microphone
Stage Monitors & Mixers
Handheld Tru-Diversity Wireless MicrophoneInstrument Body Pack Wireless Lavalier Wireless MicrophoneHeadset Wireless Microphone
Wired Mics & Accessories
Vocal Microphone Shure SM-58Instrument Microphone Shure SM-57Drum Kit Mic Setup with clip ons and overheads- Shure MicsCondenser Mic's AKG- Perception 120Boom Mic StandsMusic StandsDI BoxMic Windscreen

Stage Monitors and Mixes

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Audio Recording

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Lighting & Show Control Automation

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Custom Gobo Creation
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Event Ticketing Services

* Tickets are custom designed and printed in real time

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Tickets available for purchase here w/ Unique barcodesOnline tickets available for purchase w/ Unique barcodesPre-Printed Event Tickets for Distribution w/ Unique barcodesCustom Event Wristband printing

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