We are happy to help provide you with everything you need for your next event.

Thank you for your interest. We supply your party with extras. Video, Microphones, Audio, Stage Monitors, Mixes, Lighting, Show Control, Automation, Event Ticketing Services & More!

Please take a few moments to complete this form below and let us know you’re event Technology needs by completing the technical requirements request form below or download the .pdf form here, complete it and submit it to us.

Make selections as completely and accurately as possible so that we can deliver you the lowest cost. If you require any additional requirements not available on this form please be sure to include it at the end in the notes section. If you’re unclear as to what an item is please mouse over the icon next to the item for additional information.

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For additional information or if you would like to book an event, please contact us at 845-469-2116 or send us an email through our website!

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The Event Center features a dynamic & exciting indoor event room & outdoor event grounds for ANY event including graduations, presentations, wedding ceremonies, receptions & more!
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